The art of Perspective Drawings

Perspective is all the more complicated by the fact that there are so few books written about this subject and the ones that are available seem to lay out the text in such a way as to make the understanding of it all the more difficult.

Two Point Perspective is used in about 90 per cent (90%) of ordinary drawings produced today and is the standard choice for most artist.

One Point Perspective should be used when only one plane of an object is of interest, and perspective is needed only to suggest depth.

Three Point Perspective is valuable when we want to suggest the effect of looking down from a great height, such as the top of a tall building or an airplane in flight. It is also useful for the exact opposite, looking up at such a building from the street level.

Circles are everywhere, and ellipses are circles in perspective. Poorly constructed ellipses are one of the quickest giveaways of the untrained artist.

wantto learn 250 Learn PerspectiveI will show you how you can construct a precise ellipse and how you can improve your freehand drawings of anything that has circular sections.

The course will show you how to overcome the two most baffling problems beginners have in trying to put wheels on cars or a hole in objects.

Plus, for every single piece artwork you’ll get step-by-step, easy to follow tutorials that will give you the knowledge, the confidence, and the insider secrets.

By introducing a sense of depth we create space and an extension of reality into our art, enhancing the audience’s participation with it. When things appear real, they become real to their senses to some degree, even if below their conscious awareness. This pulls the audience in, letting them experience what may have only previously existed in the artist’s imagination.

The art of perspective is not new my any means, the idea of drawing to perceive, understand or comprehend what we see dates back to the 15th century. To be able to ‘see’ with our eyes is an important and valuable thing to have and with this we can create a mental picture of the images around us.

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