Why do you need to learn
Perspective Drawing?

The art of perspective drawing is not new my any means, the idea of drawing to perceive, understand or comprehend what we see dates back to the 15th century. To be able to ‘see’ with our eyes is an important and valuable thing to have and with this we can create a mental picture of the images around us.

We are always reminded of the railway line going off into the distance and appear to meet when in truth we know that is not the case, but this gives us a good example of perspective. In the world of advertising the same idea is reversed and we may have the front of a car enlarged, as if our eyes are touching the headlamp, with the rear going off into the distance, creating a dramatic effect to draw the attention of the onlooker,

Once you have learned the concept of perspective you can create anything, you are only governed by the scope of what the brain knows and understand, so you are kept within a boundary of realism and a sense of practicality.

Within this project we will be looking at one, two and three-point perspective as well as the technical aspect of creating the images used by these three points of perspective. I must add at this point that in ‘real life’ there is no one and two point perspective, we only use three-point perspective so be aware of that fact as we progress.

So why do we need to learn Perspective? That question will always be a problem with artists all over the world and can be answered very easily. We need perspective to be able to create accurate drawings, without it your work has no real depth and meaning. That statement is both bold and truthful!

We use our eyes to see all around us. From our eyes the vision is translated to the brain, that great computer inside our head that works out everything and gives us the final result. If we have never seen that object before we ask, “what is it“? We then take the shape and depth and put it into our memory. Next time we see that object at whatever angle we are able to recognize it, even though we cannot see all sides, we instantly know what it is….

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