Using Perspective in Life Form
and Still Life drawings

If you think about drawing a person, what position are they in, standing, sitting or laying down. What position are you to the person? Are you standing, sitting or lying down with them.

We often think of still life drawing as a bowl of fruit or a vase of flowers, but where have you positioned yourself to the object to draw it?

By introducing a sense of depth we create space and an extension of reality into our art, enhancing the audience’s participation with it. When things appear real, they become real to their senses to some degree. This pulls the audience in, letting them experience what may have only previously existed in their imagination.

As artists the most important thing to us is the audience, we need to let them understand what we see, we need to make it appear as real as we can.

Draw a circle and colour it green. It’s just a green circle. You don’t want to touch it or look at it for very long, it becomes boring and your feeling towards it is null, as you can see from the drawing below.

apple 01 Module 1: Part 3 & 4 Life Form and Still Life drawings   1, 2, 3 Point

Now put a small indentation towards the top, shade the sides leaving the underside with a little light and suddenly you have a green apple.

apple 022 Module 1: Part 3 & 4 Life Form and Still Life drawings   1, 2, 3 Point

It can now be touched and even picked-up, your senses have come alive by doing two simple things to that green circle, both using perspective in it’s most simplistic form.

These are the things I wish to show you as we progress through the Perspective Drawing Modules and if you put enough dedication into learning you too will be able to produce a more ‘realistic’ drawing in your future work, both technical and pictorial.

At this point I would just like to make a simple point to you all, perspective starts out by learning the technical skills of perspective. This is the most frightening part of learning perspective. If you work with oils, watercolour etc… you may be put off with the idea of learning this skill because “you are not a technical artist”. This is where most people fail and you have to carry on and get through that stage…

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