The Perspective Tool Kit

Correct Answer is image C, the Subject was moved back from the Picture Plane, this enable the Subject to be within the Cone of Vision. Images A and B  are the  wrong answer, Subject outside the Cone of Vision.

There are many approaches to Perspective Drawings (by which I mean Linear Perspective) that we can make. Perhaps the most helpful approach is to think of Perspective as a collection of tools.

Once you understand the tools and how they work, the perspective tools extend the scope of the artists as dramatically as a power saw extends the scope of a carpenter.

One of the conditions of understanding the perspective tools is that you should learn and understand the special language of perspective terms that governs these tools.

The tools used are not numerous so it will be easy for you to recall and therefore should be referred to again and again until they are remembered and understood.

perspective tools2 Module 1: Part 8 Perspective Drawing Tools

When we understand the perspective tools,
what precisely can we do with it?

Briefly, we can represent any object or scene by lines on a flat sheet of paper in such a way that the image is similar to what you would see if you looked at the actual object or scene through one eye, and kept the eye fixed on one point.

The perspective views, which we can draw, correspond closely enough to our experience of what we see, to be readily acceptable and readily understood, so that perspective drawings are of the greatest value to the artist as a means of communication. And that means ALL artists, not technical artists only, but artists from every media you can think of, including illustrators using 3D programs and Adobe Illustrator CS5 upwards using the new perspective tool.

image 15 Module 1: Part 8 Perspective Drawing Tools

So OK, lets study the tools…

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